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sounds the bell for the next round – here comes Fabio Scalabroni with a marvelous deep dubtechno gift for you!
relax and enjoy!

[SPFpod021] spiel:feld Podcast 021 – Fabio Scalabroni-Red Flow

released by: spiel:feld
catalogue number: SPFpod021
release date: Mar 01, 2013
artist: Fabio Scalabroni
title: Red Flow
style: dub techno
time: 01:00:32


★ tracklist:

01. Aura Fresh – Space and Time Continuum part2 (nodrum version)
02. Stefan Gubatz and Van Bonn – Burnout
03. Roebin de Freitas – Contraction
04. Fingers in the Noise – X-Y-Z
05. Axs – Spidron Seq O
06. Sustain – 02B
07. Martin Schulte – Killer
08. Sven Weisemann – Light Sway
09. Subforms – Good Mood
10. Leftover – Tow (Resoe Remix)
11. Dubatech – Frezya
12. DeepChord – Gliding
13. Fabio Scalabroni – Electric Cloud (outro)

★ about Fabio:

Fabio Scalabroni is an electronic musician and DJ who has performed since 1997. He has released several tracks under the names of “Scalabroni”, “Cogor”, “Hologram”, “Ambit 3”, “Bit Bucket” and most recently as “Berber”.
Currently he is the owner of the label Biorecordings, where he is working on new tracks as Fabio Scalabroni and Berber.

discography (part of)

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Fabio Scalabroni on Discogs

Fabio Scalabroni on Facebook

Biorecordings on Facebook

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Fabio Scalabroni


spiel:feld gives thanks to Fabio and all involved artists!