s p i e l : f e l d
presents you Esko Barba on decks !!

Ooh, what a superb deep mix !
Enjoy it.

[SPFpod016] spiel:feld Podcast 016 – Esko Barba-Winter Vinyl Broadcast

released by: spiel:feld
catalogue number: SPFpod016
release date: Dec 15, 2012
artist: Esko Barba
title: Winter Vinyl Broadcast
style: dub techno
time: 01:00:09


★ tracklist:

Intro by ColtEP
01. sub.made – Kalt
02. Para – Terminal

and now … Esko Barba !
03. Decoside – Reload 4
04. Grad_U – Unnamed One
05. Bluetrain – Untitled
06. The Analog Roland Orchestra – 3&6
07. Biodub – Breeze
08. Unknown – Untitled
09. Quantec – Lunar Orbiter Version
10. Intrusion – Angel Version
11. Mikkel Metal – Get Over w/ Paul st. Hilaire
12. Roots Hitek – Umoja

★ about Esko Barba:

Esko Barba, 33 year old Waveship Commander from Sweden.
Over the years, Barba has gathered an extensively encyclopedia of sound; both imaginary and physically. A compendium of vibes, a message that is true, half-true, false, absurd and very confusing.
Hailing from the techno/trance scene, Barba started djing at freeparties in the early 90s. As a producer only unreleased material has been floating around up until 2011 when he finally got the peace of mind to pilot the barba waveship into unchartered territories of deep lush dubtech and swampy mysteries.
His first EP was released on Cologne label Sub.Spiele in 2012, and single tracks are out on
various compilations from Retrospective Zoology, Spaceal Orbeats .. more to come!

Always Diggin’ Deeper.

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spiel:feld gives thanks to Esko Barba and all involved artists!