Kostas Staikos (aka Substak) was born and raised in the city of Athens.
The start of his journey into music began at 2011 when decided to escape a bit from real life & started mixing and producing.
The first releases came out at 2012, hoping that this will bring more.

His music genres include: Ambient, Experimental, Deep & Dub Techno.

Textures EP Kopoc Label
Corta Los Acordes EP – Doppt Zykkler
Subconscious EP – Dast Net Recordings
Subtools EP – Dast Net Recordings
These Days – Sirona Records
Touching The Lab – Adeptlabel

Matthias Springer – Egomaniac Dreiton
Daniel Levez – Trailer Burnzzz Records
Atabey – New And Fun Delay Insectorama
Ruptur3 – Kursk Doppt Zykkler
Lemonpie – Mesa Dast Net Recordings
George Kagais – Nebula
Liquom – Sintetico

Dast Pure – Dast Net Recordings
Krata Mix:oo1 – Krata Netlabel

Deimos – Various – Taktsammlung #03 Gleichtakt Records
VA- Tranzmitter Research (Volume 2) Tranzmitter Netlabel
Ambience – Doppt Zykkler 010 Compilation VV/AA – Doppt Zykkler Netlabel
Extrano O Raro – Various – Vapor & Polvo Vol. III Organic Acoustic Netlabel
George Kagais – Nebula EP
Kursk Ep – Doppt Zykkler Netlabel
Merged (Strehm Edit) – Various – Experiment #50 (DAST Jubilee Compilation) Dast Net Recordings
Lost – Various – Concentration Research – Join Da Beat Records

Substak has made also mixes for Netlabels such as Bleepsequence, Cold Fiction Music, Dbs, Deepindub, Deepmore, Doppt Zykkler, Eden Deeply, Gleichtakt Records, KoppNetlabel, LoadandClear Netlabel, Mixotic, MonoKrak, Multi-Tap Records, Organic Acoustic Netlabel , This Side Music & Tranzmitter Netlabel and spiel:feld.


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-for labels: 19th Studio Records, Kopoc, Sounddesigners, Stasis Recordings, Sub.spiele Records

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