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“it’s not about perfection, it’s about the feeling, the passion!

Far from the batt­le for chart po­si­ti­ons, sales fi­gu­res, main­stream and the en­t­i­re „Heck Meck“ I collect, I spread and I share the sound. Cur­rent­ly I live in the midd­le of Ger­ma­ny (Halle/Saale) and i am al­ways on the go and look­ing for­ward. Since 20 years I collect sounds like the squir­rels nuts or a world tra­vel­ler, im­pres­si­ons. At least I see myself as a glo­be­trot­ting collec­tor in the „sound uni­ver­se“. My focus is cle­ar­ly the love and pas­si­on for music and the many dif­fe­rent „sounds around the world“. As a DJ in Clubs, (private) parties and festivals or as a Podcastproducer, since 16 years I bring my musical stuff and impressions to the people. ” Make the world colorful and spread the sound! The beat mas­sa­ges mind and body. The sound is the sour­ce of my in­spi­ra­ti­on and the key to my mo­ti­va­ti­on!” with kind regards, Rolandson.”

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