Pablo Bolívar

PABLO 2012_5

Without doubt, Pablo Bolívar remains one of the most inspirational and innovating artists of the Spanish electronic scene.
He has earned the highest respect with his essential albums “Anjanas” (2006) and “Recall” (2009), both released on Regular label, and “Motion:The Ambient Works” released on his own Avantroots.
We do not forget his splendid parallel project called Pulshar together with Sergio “Afro” Sainz, with several releases, remixes and also two albums: “Brotherhood” (Phonobox 2008) and “Inside” (Desolat 2010).
Pablo was made for making music, always with an attitude, always with quality as a standard.

latest spiel:feld-release by Pablo Bolívar:


this mix is also released on Pablo´s own mixcloud where you can find and listen to some other brilliant mixtapes by himself.

Pablo Bolívar and his label Avantroots Records on the web:

Pablo Bolívar
Pablo Bolívar @ mixcloud

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Pablo Bolívar

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