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Narcotic 303 (Alex Senge) was born 1982 in Cologne.

“My love to Techno music starts really early in my life.
 In 1992 I was flashed of the song “Das Boot” by U96. 
A little later came “No Good” by Prodigy. 
Of course I was a badass and the Thunderdome Compilations didn’t miss in my collection.
 Over the years I’ve kept almost every style of Techno music.
 Several years later, it was about 1994, I started producing. I took my first steps in producing with a Fast Tracker 2 and learned the basic things in producing like composition and arrangement there.
 The years went by and I changed to the popular music software “Reason 2.0″
My style is between Minimal and Dub-Techno.
 In 2005 I started to DJing, first of all with software and in 2007 I changed to turntables and today I went back to software.
 I worked as a DJ at several online radios.
I’m a friend of GEMA free music and 2009 I founded the netlabel
Gleichtakt Records“.

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