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Martin Nonstatic is a SOUND-composer and producer from the Netherlands, living in Germany next to the music city Cologne.
From the age of 20, after purchasing his first synthesizer, he discovered the peripheral devices and possibilities how to change, create and modulate sounds.
He started to grow his passion for ambient-technoid sounds and equipment, building up many tracks, always influenced by electronic music and artists, surrounded by sounds, noises and new ideas.
He dealt a lot with live acts in several clubs in Cologne, Bonn, other cities, always accompanied by good turntablefriends.
In 2009, Martin decided to dedicate himself to the studio after years of performing live. His music has since received international support from imprints like Nuwax Records, Silent Season and Dewtone. He currently resides in Cologne, Germany.
Always feeling good with genres like ambient, dubtechno and electronica.

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