Kraut Sounds

Kraut Sounds

Born and raised in Munich, now living in the countryside near the Alps. Formerly playing in bands, DJing and writing, since spring 2012 doing Kraut Sounds.

Kraut Sounds´ releases:
Islands EP (Dub Techno Blog Exclusive 001, UK Dec 2012)
Space Mantra EP (Büro für Erdrotation Spin 001, GER Jan 2013)
Ambient Drones EP (Büro für Erdrotation Spin 002, GER April 2013)
Ambient Drones Pt. 2 EP (Büro für Erdrotation Spin 003, GER June 2013)
Arctic EP (Adeptlabel adpt 011, Spain August 2013)
Summer Storm (Track on Echogarden Compilation Vol. 1 eg.comp.1, GER August 2013)
Kraut Sounds vs. Drum Tracks – Mare EP (Terra Rossa TR_B, GER Sept 2013)

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