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Goran Geto entered the world of music in 1988 with his own band.
In the 90’s he worked in a few leading Belgrade music studios as a sound engineer, earning a reputation for remixes, production and post-production collaborating with many famous Serbian artists. Also he took part in the movie “Black Cat White Cat” with the cult director Emir Kusturica doing digital sound edit.

In 2008 Goran Geto revived his own project. Until then he released two full length 10 tracks albums “Lounge Seduction” and “Tehnofonika”, followed with a bunch of successful single and EP releases on Dewtone, Cold Tear, System, Balkan Connection and many others.
He also supports deep scene through Echogarden and Kosmo NetLabels spreading deep sound around for free! 

It is difficult to classify his music into a certain genre but a substrate is always House Music, usually in its melodic: deep or chill form.

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