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Laurent Bisch alias Fingers In The Noise, father of 3 kids, lives in France and was born in 1966.
Laurent started producing music twenty years ago after taking a few piano lessons. He has a passion for ambient music, dub, deep and experimental. With an typical course after long party nights in France (Cannes, Caen, Nimes, Nancy …) and Spain (Ibiza, Tenerife), Laurent has decided since 2009 to find a more peaceful life with his wife and children and to devote his free time composing music. He has quickly make himselve known this year thanks to websites like SoundCloud, MySpace and Facebook.
Laurent has released several EP’s on various labels. In 2012 Laurent has released his first album on BineMusic. He is a freelance 3d artist and he is also passionate about photography, cooking, percussion and a nap!
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