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Der Klient

Der Klient (alias: Der Mandant) is from a small town called Neubukow, which is near Rostock (North Germany).
As a big fan of electronic music he started DJing in 2008. He loves nature and particularly comfortableness. Because of that he fell quickly in love with the deep tones of house and techno music. In former times he was inspired by the pulsating sound of “Magda”, but today it is rather the sound of “Sven Weisemann” with his relaxed and groovy sets. Der Klient is repeatedly fascinated by him.
The following sentence is one that der Klient often says and supports: “You do not have to dance only pounding on the floor, but you have to feel the beat.”
It is no problem for him to stand many hours behind the mixer. Six hours is no rarity. “The longer a set, the more expressive you can shape it”, he said.

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