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Born in 1976 Ronny Kraak grew up in Eastern Germany – the Wall casting a cloud over Berlin. At the time electronical music was unfamiliar, for cultural activities were of governmental concern. And obviously other musicians were regarded as more important than any kind of subculture. However first records of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk appeared in the eighties.

At a moment’s notice political rebound in GDR in 1990 effectuate that there was an amazing pool of music to discover for Ronny.
 He decided cursory in favour for Hip-Hop and clinged to it awhile. In the beginning nineties electronic music went on air in weekly radiotransmissions on KISS FM and DT64 with Steve Mason and Ellen Allien.

Ronny bought records ad infinitum – and it was incombent on them to buy two 1210s. Shortly after they both visited the Berlin E-Werk. He became frequenter. It felt like a cultural revolution to them and they commemorated on this on countless weekends. He moved to Berlin to be closer to these goings being busy with applying records again and again. Eventually Nico Wawersig, a friend, dissolved his account book, bought a TR-808 and a TB-303 on which they operated at full capacity. Not in order to create music but to understand how this stuff worked and in order to speculate about the possibilities of these devices. It was 1995. In a day everybody tried to produce music with the aid of actual processors Ronny bought an ATARI ST and dozens of antiquated hardware. He sampled Kraftwerk-classics in order to newly-arrange them with radio plays. He created a lot of beatloops on the 808 and pottered a bit on the 303. In this vein they produced music till 2002.

But evidently it had become completely archaic and furthermore laborious to go on working like that. A changeover was made, state-of-the-art-technology was bought, yet not having parted with their aged technology until today.

Since 1999 he worked as Deejay regularly. He performed on various floors on diverse events due to their musical comprehension they had acquired over the interveining years. Techno, House and Ambient are among their repertoire as well as Psy-Trance – still having a soft spot for it.
After the turn of the millennium they concluded to determine their musical diction – nevertheless this attempt failed.

He preference for unhurried beats and ambient sound collages evolved from chill-floors on psy-trance festivals they visited. Additionally icons like Massive Attack, Portishead, and definitely „Wiener Schule“ around G-Stone were cutting-edge. He were taken by a mixture of organic and electronic sounds.

A crucial experience concerning downbeat music was the purchase of Norman Feller’s Album „Frameless Structure “. Music like that had never been heard before including House and Broken Beatz. Discovering netlabel Thinner they noticed that this very special sound was very much alike the sound he had acquired in the nineties. A lot of Basic Channel records had gained access onto his shelves.

“Liebe. Freiheit. Alles! Und Musik.”

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