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Andrea Suglia was born in Bari, a small seaside city of Italy.
The first contact with music began thanks to his father´s guitar lessons.
At the age of 13 he knewn the world and the philosophy of black, soul and hip hop music following artists such as
Tupac, Wutang Clan and Notorious B.I.G.
Listening to various club tape recordings, at the age of 15, he found out electronic music which suddenly gave him off passion and strong emotions.
Finally in 2009, at the age of 22, he decided to transform his musical perceptions and visions in real physical productions.
He is always inspired from deep and dub techno music melted with a touch of metaphysical and ambient atmospheres.

“The Deep music is much more than a collection of rhythm and sounds, it is a school of thought, it is the membership of a lifestyle, it is pure philosophy…”



[ALRDGT009] Andrea Suglia – Empire State Of Mind EP * Anomaline Records

[ALRDGT011] Andrea Suglia – Dalila EP * Anomaline Records

[STASIS001] Andrea Suglia ­‐ The Beach (Various Artists Compilation) * Energostatic Records

[ROHS002ALBUM] Andrea Suglia ­‐ InDEEPendence (Album) * Rohs! Records

[IPO026] Andrea Suglia ­‐ Deep Ocean EP * Ipologica Recordings

[IPO032] Andrea Suglia ­‐ Immersion EP * Ipologica Recordings

[T040] Stefano ­‐ Prime Time (Andrea Suglia Reshape) * Toffler Music Entertainment


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